Tuesday 20 October 2015

Dairy free garlic bread!

Yeah we know, it sounds like a contradiction, how can you have dairy free garlic bread?!  By using a dairy free spread, of course!  My son has to avoid all dairy products for at least 2 months, but he loves garlic bread (as do we!) but we can't eat it when he isn't able to, so we decided to find a way to get round this.

We've been trying out different breads as garlic bread bases for a while now, but recently in Tesco we picked up some Hovis Good Inside flat breads which do not contain milk (that they were reduced from £1/pack to 20p/pack as they were short-dated was even better - they freeze! - so we bought the lot and popped them into the freezer until we need them.)  There are 5 flat breads to a pack, so cut into halves they make 10 reasonable sized garlic bread slices.

We mixed about a quarter of a tub of Pure dairy free sunflower spread into a bowl with 2 large crushed garlic cloves, a dessert spoonful of Grape Tree Italian seasoning, a pinch of ALDI Sea Salt with Italian Herbs, and a dessert spoonful of ALDI Bacon Sprinkles. Once mixed well we spread it across the flat breads, popped them onto a metal tray and into the over on Gas Mark 6 for about 8 - 10 minutes.

If you leave off the bacons sprinkles or substitute crispy onions for them the garlic bread is vegetarian too.

The result was a really tasty dairy free garlic bread and one very happy son!