Wednesday 9 May 2018

Dairy-free Pastry-free Quiche - Easy Picture Recipe

One of the problems I have is pastry. I like it, it doesn't like me! Pastry tends to give me heartburn and acid reflux, so the hunt has been on for a substitute for pastry in some of our favourites dishes, quiche being one of them.

Whilst in Tesco recently I spotted a sign for a recipe for Elena's Cheeky Tortilla Quiche and thought it was worth a try... however, her recipe uses cheese and milk, both of which are no-no's for the dairy intolerant son of the family, so I went to experiment in the kitchen, and after three attempts, this was the result:

Dairy-free Pastry-free Quiche


1 plain tortilla wrap
4 medium eggs
sweetened soya milk - see below for quantity needed (we use Tesco sweetened soya milk)
2 large mushrooms sliced
1/2 small onion sliced into rings
4 sliced rings from a small green bell pepper 
100g sliced chorizo sausage (we use Aldi Spanish Spicy Chorizo Ring)
pinch ground nutmeg
1 green OXO cube

Equipment needed:

Quiche tray or flan dish 21.5cm / 8.5" diameter and 2.5cm / 1" deep internally
Frying pan or skillet
Measuring jug (at least 1/2 litre capacity)
Baking parchment

We used a ceramic quiche tray for baking, we tried the earlier version with a glass quiche tray and it didn't work as well as the ceramic one did, due to the way ceramic absorbs and holds the heat we think.  We have not tried this with a metal quiche tray.

Step 1...
Brush the base of the quiche tray with a very small amount of oil to help prevent the lining paper from moving once ingredients go into it.  Cut a circle of baking parchment as a tray liner making sure it stands a good inch above the rim of the tray to prevent accidental leakage into your oven.

Step 2..
Place the tortilla flat inside the tray, curving it to fit the tray as below (the yellow marks are the oil showing through the parchment).

Step 3..
Arrange the onion rings on the tortilla.

Step 4...
Arrange the mushroom slices on the onion rings.

Step 5...
Add the pepper rings even round the tray on top of the mushrooms and onion.

Step 6...
Put the chorizo slices into a dry frying pan or skillet (no oil needed) and heat it until the oil in the sausage leaks into the pan and the sausage is slightly browned underneath, turn over each slice and let it brown on the other side. It only takes 2-3 mins each side to do this.  

Step 7...
Whilst the chorizo is browning, crack the eggs into the measuring jug and mix gently with a fork to break up the yolk.  Add the crumbled OXO cube and a small pinch of nutmeg, then top up the egg mixture with the soya milk to around 450ml, mix soya milk into egg with fork and leave to stand for a few minutes.

Step 8...
Remove browned chorizo in frying pan / skillet from heat. It should look like this:

Step 9...
Arrange chorizo slices around the quiche tray between the pepper slices.

Step 10...
Carefully pour egg / soya milk mixture into the tortilla case making sure not to disturb the layout of your filling.

Step 11...
Bake on top shelf of oven for 50-60 minutes on Gas mark 6 / 200 °C / 400°F.  Test with a skewer or knife point to make sure filling is cooked (tip: if it comes out wet it needs longer!)

Step 12...
Slice and eat!  We found it is really nice hot from the oven but if you leave it to cool and eat cold later it is just as good, the texture is nice and dense without being chewy. 

The original Tesco recipes calls for 4 tortillas which in our quiche tray would have left no room for the filling! The single tortilla works very well and the parchment provides the leakage protection that the original recipe uses the other tortillas for. 

If you use a different size quiche tray you will need to adjust the quantities slightly to make sure your tray is filled properly.