Wednesday 23 March 2016

Vegan scones! (V)

We've been quiet for a few weeks but that's not because we've gone off experimenting! No, it is because we have been trying out some new ideas but didn't want to share them until we'd got them right. This is the first one that we can bring you.

The problem is that we all, in this house, love scones, but that commercial scones (the ones we buy in the supermarket) always give us problems. Mum gets heartburn from them and Son has a problem with dairy intolerance.  So, we set out to produce scones that would avoid both issues and still taste good.  The result is a vegan recipe scone which taste amazing and doesn't upset anyone's digestive system!

Here's the recipe:

Vegan Scones

1 lb of plain flour
5 tsp of baking powder
4 oz of PURE soya spread or PURE sunflower spread or non-dairy hard margarine
4 oz of brown sugar or white sugar / molasses mix
4 oz of mixed dried fruit or fruit heavy vegan mincemeat
1/4 pint of soya milk

Place flour, sugar and margarine into a bowl and rub the margarine into the sugar and flour until it's an even, breadcrumb-like consistency.

Add fruit / mincemeat into the mix. If using mincemeat then mix the mincemeat in so that any moisture in it is taken up into the flour mix.

Slowly add the soya milk until you have a good dough mixture (depending on the flour absorbency you may need more or less soya milk).

Roll out the mixture onto a floured surface so it's about 3/4" to 1" thick and cut into rounds (I suggest about 3 to 4 inches across, experiment to find your preference).

Place scones onto a lined baking tray and glaze with a little soya milk. Bake for around 25mins at gas mark 5 or until golden (time will depend on your oven).

Lift the scones onto a wire rack and let them cool, then pig out on delicious scones!

Handy hint: 
As Son wanted big scones he used a metal fried egg ring as a cutter, which gave 7 good sized scones from the recipe. If you want to make more scones use a smaller cutter!

The variation in colour on the scones is due to the oddity of our oven's hot and cooler spots. We dream of having one which doesn't have such peculiarities, but in the meantime, we turn the tray round in the oven mid-way through baking if/when we remember.  This time we forgot!