Sunday, 31 January 2021

Adventures in Cheese: Garstang Blue

Dewlay Garstang Blue cheese, image from
Dewlay Garstang Blue cheese, image from

I'm funny about blue cheeses, some of them I can't eat, others are fine. However, this one, Garstang Blue by Dewlay Cheeses in Lancashire is the best I've tried so far.  It's wonderfully creamy and tasty, slightly tart but not too much so, with a delicious aroma that makes my mouth water just unwrapping it. 

It's a cheese that I enjoyed eating on its own, but that also worked well on Booth's sub rolls with a slice of Booth's smoked German ham, as the combination of flavours was delightful. It also works well as a cheese to flavour a white sauce with - cauliflower cheese with Garstang Blue sauce sounds yummy!

Dewlay Cheesemakers of Garstang are based just outside Garstang in central Lancashire, and have been making cheeses since 1957. Along with Garstang Blue, the range includes Lancashire and Wensleydale, smoked cheese, Garstang White and Nicky Nook blue, as well as flavoured cheeses such as Double Gloucester with chive and onion, Lancashire with chili, chives or garlic, and Wensleydale with cranberries.

In addition to their cheese range, Dewlay also offers (via their webshop) cheese selection and gift boxes, hampers, and their amazing cheese cakes - perfect for a wedding feast or other celebration! 

Dewlay webshop hampers, gift boxes and cheese cakes, image from

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