Friday, 19 November 2021

Adventures in Cheese: Singleton's Parlick Fell Ewes cheese

Parlick Fell is a ewe's milk (sheep's milk) cheese made in central Lancashire by family firm Grandma Singleton's, who have been making and selling cheese since 1934. It gets its name from Parlick Fell, a few miles from the dairy, and is made from Lancashire ewe's milk from Stott's Farm in the Ribble Valley.

Singleton's Parlick Fell Cheese

Singleton's is the largest producer of ewe's milk cheese in the UK, and P:arlick Fell is one of their award winning varieties, which has a slightly tart creamy flavour, and comes in a green wax rind. It's really nice, and makes a great addition to the cheeseboard or to enjoy with savoury crackers etc.  I bought mine at Booth's supermarket at Carnforth. 

Singleton's have also this year produced a variation: Parlick Fell with Olives, which is on my list to taste test very soon! 

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